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Florida church history encompasses a religious diversity with architectural vestiges of early churches that show the changing style as the state went from American Indian to Spanish settlement to English plantations and later poverty-stricken communities followed by remnants left from wealthy Northern visitors.



 My book,  Historic  Florida Churches includes information  from the oldest Catholic parish in the United States to the place where Billy Graham found inspiration. Available from  Arcadia Publishing or Amazon


In my book, Historic Florida Churches, I explore the history and beauty of churches throughout the state of Florida. My husband Jack and I spent a couple of years traveling across the state, visiting churches of varying sizes, styles, and denominations, and researching their fascinating histories. Through my research, I have uncovered stories of faith, hard work, and dedication that have sustained these churches for centuries.
Readers can explore the history of these churches and learn more about the people and stories behind them. With photos and descriptions, one can experience the beauty of Florida's churches and understand their place in Florida's history.

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